Finding the Origin Of Life

1×60 min. documentary, National Geographic Channel

As far as we know, life is unique to Earth. So how did it come to be? And why here? We’ve all wondered about the origins of life, but one scientist in San Diego believes that he and his mentor found the answer. Dr. Jeffrey Bada at UC San Diego, sheds new light on renowned scientist Stanley Miller’s controversial experiment from a half century ago. Like Miller, Bada recreates conditions on Earth before life began 4 billion years ago. But this time, Bada introduces 21st century technology that Miller could only dream of. While cameras roll, the San Diego scientist mixes up a batch of “primordial ooze,” then, similar to the mythical Dr. Frankenstein, zaps it with a bolt of electricity—“primordial lightning.” The results? Amino acids, the building blocks of all life. It was this stunning experiment that first demonstrated that life could have evolved spontaneously from a combination of chemical processes present on early Earth. Still, how could these amino acids evolve to become bacteria, animals, and eventually humans? How did life start reproducing itself from something that isn’t alive?


Earth Without The Moon

1×60 min. documentary, National Geographic Channel

Earth Without The Moon reveals the startling fact that the Moon is receding from Earth and is gaining speed each year. The moon is a stabilizing force for Earth, enabling life to originate, evolve, and exist over the last 4 billion years. However, when it recedes just 10% further from Earth, the Earth will tip up to 90 degrees on its axis, creating endless catastrophes.  Extreme temperature swings will push oceans to the poles and ice to the equator; massive dust storms and hurricanes will last hundreds of years; rising sea levels will submerge cities like New York and Rio de Janeiro. Without our Moon, life as we know it will perish from the Earth.


Secret World Of Fireworks

1X60 min. documentary, National Geographic Channel
Secret World of Fireworks (w.t.) explores the closely held secrets, recipes, and techniques from the world of pyrotechnic showmen. For the first time in this HD special, National Geographic takes a behind the scenes look into this exclusive world with unique access from Zambelli Internationale of New Castle, Pennsylvania – America’s “First Family of Fireworks” – along with rocket scientists and chemists from Los Alamos, New Mexico.


FAIR USE & BEST PRACTICES: The Good, The Bad, and The Confusing

PGA_logoFair Use & Best Practices The Producers Guild of America East Documentary and Seminar Committees organized a lively panel discussion to help answer the following questions:
– Do you use copyrighted material in your production?
– What rights do you need to secure?
– What are the differences between features, television, and new media?
– What is “Fair Use” of copyrighted material and how much will it cost?

JFS Films, LLC

thumbnailJFS JFS Films was founded in 2000 by veteran PBS producer and production manager John Schwally to create quality television programming for broadcast and cable distribution in the United States and internationally.

Kozo Okumura, TV Director & Editor Kozo Okumura has worked on a large variety of projects including documentaries, 30 seconds commercials, music videos and industrial videos. He is also a dancer/choreographer, which has helped his editing in terms of rhythm, pacing, and storytelling.

Bettie Page Reveals All Bettie Page Reveals All compellingly captures the story of the naughty girl next store who changed the face of contemporary culture.

Petr Cikhart Films Petr films award-winning television series, feature-length documentaries, and both short and feature-length narrative films. He has worked in 80 countries and speaks 5 languages.

Iron Eye Productions For over 10 years, Iron Eye Productions has produced award winning documentaries and provided production services to dozens of international filmmakers and television networks.

Michael Bratkowski, Director of Photography Michael Bratkowski is a director of photography and has worked on many Marabella Productions including Robocars.

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