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MARABELLA PRODUCTIONS is an award-winning, independent production company with a special focus in non-fiction.
Since launching in 2003, the company has produced more than six dozen hours of series and documentary programming, including executive producing six series on ID. In 2004, the company’s award winning one-hour documentary on the space shuttle Columbia accident, COMING HOME FROM SPACE: The Challenge of Reentry, earned a News and Documentary Emmy® nomination for Outstanding Science, Technology, and Nature Programming. As a follow-up, Discovery commissioned the company to produce RETURN TO FLIGHT, a three-hour mini series that follows NASA engineers and astronauts as they prepare for the first space shuttle launch since the tragedy. In May of 2007, BASE CAMP MOON premiered as the first episode in Discovery Science Channel’s highly touted Space Week and won a Cine Golden Eagle. Shortly following, Marabella Productions co-produced AMERICA’S LOST H-BOMB with Discovery— the story of a U.S. nuke lost in the shoals of Tybee Island Georgia and still missing since 1958. Their latest series, ROBOCAR, premiered on The Science Channel in July 2008. Most recently, the company produced three major specials for the National Geographic Channel – THE SCIENCE OF FIREWORKS, EARTH WITHOUT THE MOON, and FINDING THE ORIGINS OF LIFE. In 2011, the company had premieres on NOVA ScienceNOW and the National Geographic Channel. Marabella Productions is headquartered in New York City.


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