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Welcome! Take a look around. Love to hear what you think. Traveling from Hawaii, to the Philippines, to Paris to Cow Dung Road in Hanksville, Utah (yes, that’s the actual road), I’ll post weird and interesting anecdotes and pics as our team and I span the planet looking for the best science, nature, history, or current affairs stories to film around the world.

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— Mark

JFS Films, LLC

thumbnailJFS Films.com JFS Films was founded in 2000 by veteran PBS producer and production manager John Schwally to create quality television programming for broadcast and cable distribution in the United States and internationally.

Kozo Okumura, TV Director & Editor

thumbnailEdit3.net Kozo Okumura has worked on a large variety of projects including documentaries, 30 seconds commercials, music videos and industrial videos. He is also a dancer/choreographer, which has helped his editing in terms of rhythm, pacing, and storytelling.

Bettie Page Reveals All

bettie-page-reveals-all-250-250BettiePageMovie.com Bettie Page Reveals All compellingly captures the story of the naughty girl next store who changed the face of contemporary culture.

Petr Cikhart Films

thumbnailpetrcikhartfilms.com Petr films award-winning television series, feature-length documentaries, and both short and feature-length narrative films. He has worked in 80 countries and speaks 5 languages.

Iron Eye Productions

thumbnailironeye.com For over 10 years, Iron Eye Productions has produced award winning documentaries and provided production services to dozens of international filmmakers and television networks.

Michael Bratkowski, Director of Photography

thumbnailbratkowski.us Michael Bratkowski is a director of photography and has worked on many Marabella Productions including Robocars.

Gary Griffin, Director of Photography

thumbnailsoc.american.edu An American University faculty member and award-winning cinematographer, Prof. Griffin won the Sundance Film Festival’s 2005 American Excellence in Cinematography Award for the documentary, The Education of Shelby Knox.

Discovery Channel

thumbnaildsc.discovery.com The Discovery Channel provides documentary programming focused primarily on popular science, technology, and history, such as speculative investigation (with shows such as Mythbusters), automobiles, and occupations (Dirty Jobs and Deadliest Catch.)

Science Channel

thumbnailscience.discovery.com The Science Channel is a cable and satellite television channel produced by Discovery Communications. Science Channel features science-related television programs covering all aspects of science, e.g. space, technology, prehistory and animals.

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