Origins of the Solar System

1X60 min. NOVA scienceNOW w/ NEIL deGrasse TYSON on PBS
Did an ancient supernova explosion trigger the birth of the solar system? Scientists are finally closing in on evidence that, nearly five billion years ago, a supernova shock wave swept through a cloud of dust and gas and caused it to collapse, eventually forming the sun and the planets. Meteorite hunters have scoured the globe for space rocks containing evidence of this ancient supernova in the form of rare isotopes that could only be created in the intense pressure of a supernova explosion.  Watch full show instantly with subscription to

BEETHOVEN: Death of the
Tone Poet

Date: TBD 1X60 min. documentary, PBS

In Vienna on March 26, 1827, Ludwig van Beethoven lay in his bed racked with pain and dying. The 56-year-old musical genius known in his time as the “Tone Poet” was writing furiously, trying to complete his 10th symphony before it was too late. He didn’t make it.

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